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every woman deserves their own unique underwear, full of energy, sexy, and charming...

Customized Service

Customized services and solutions.

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    XinziRain focus on women lingerie: bra & brief sets, sexy lingerie, swimsuits & swimwear, sports bra & yoga bra.

    Wholesale women lingere, also provide lingerie customization service,

    Swimsuits:designers bikini set,sexy bikini,ladies bikini,surfing bikini,,ladies bathing suits

    OEM/ODM Service, free sample, fast delivery,to help customers to provide one-stop “Fashion Wearing”. To design and make, pls feel free to send us E-mail, leave your msg, add whatsapp number, or call us, you are very welcome!

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What We Can Do

OEM/ODM, free sample, fast delivery,to help customers to provide one-stop "Fashion Wearing"


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